UNIST Thermal-Hydraulics and Reactor Safety Laboratory (NTHRS Lab.)

Mr. Lee selected as finalist of the 'FAMELAB KOREA'(science commnication contest)


Professor In Cheol Bang received, Academic Excellence Prize at 2019 KNS Autumn Meeting



"The lab supports to fill important needs for more thorough treatments of the processes of energy (heat) generation in nuclear processes, the transport of that energy by the reactor coolant to the power cycle, and the limitations imposed by the transport mechanism on the design of nuclear reactor. The research is focused on the development of nanofluids for enhanced heat transfer in nuclear fission and fusion systems, and the study of fundamental thermal-hydraulic phenomena ultimately related to nuclear safety and economics.  The lab is also interested in development of advanced engineered features for nuclear safety  systems based on the innovative idea. The works are engaged in both experimental and analytical research and development (R&D)."

Research Interests

  • Nuclear System Design and Analysis for Nuclear Safety
  • Development of CHF and Boiling Heat Transfer Enhancement
  • Nanofluid technology