Boiling heat transfer and critical heat flux (CHF)

  • Study on Pool Boiling Heat Transfer Enhancement
  • CHF and Boiling Heat Transfer Experiment and System Code Development using Refrigerant
  • Nanofluid Coating for Accident Tolerant Fuel (ATF)

Design of analysis of new concepts nuclear safety systems 

  • Development of Hybrid Heat Pipe with Control Rod: Passive IN-core Cooling system (PINCs) for the nuclear power plant, UCAN (UNIST CANister) for spent nuclear fuel dry storage
  • Safety Enhancement of SFR Fuel Assembly using New-Pattern Wire Wrap Spacer
  • In-Vessel Retention through External Reactor Vessel Cooling (IVR-ERVC) using Liquid Metal Fin Concept
  • Nuclear Power Plant Severe Accident Analysis and Simulation Code Study using MELCOR and SAS4A
  • Rotational Mixing vane in the nuclear subchannel

Design and analysis of Generation IV reactors

  • Sodium-cooled fast reactor (SFR) Safety Experiments to examine metal fuel fragmentation and its debris coolability
  • Similarity technology of molten salt in single-phase natural/forced convection heat transfer
  • Multiphysics simulation for Molten Salt Reactor (MSR): Analysis of Neutronics & Thermal-hydraulics coupled systems using OpenFOAM
  • Quenching heat transfer in CRUD surface
  • Validation of New Concepts of Devices using High-tech devices
  • Development of technique for sodium coolant safety: nanofluid technology using gallium and sodium
  • Design of innovative safety system: Ga-based passive decay heat removal system for liquid metal cooled reactor
  • Safety assessment and code development for ultra long cycle reactor (UCFR)
  • Design and development of vented fuel for ultra long cycle reactor (UCFR)
  • Design of high power density nuclear fuel rod: enhancement of heat transfer
  • Development of new concept innovative safety system and severe accident management system
  • High-tech system design and safety analysis code development: design of safety system and safety analysis using nuclear power plant system design code
  • Development of heat transfer enhancement techniques for coolant: Heat transfer enhancement with nanofluid
  • Development of heat transfer enhancement techniques for cladding: High-tech nuclear fuel cladding
  • Development of nuclear fuel of high thermal conductivity: Un-melting nuclear fuel